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How to crop an image

  1. Browse your image from your local device
  2. Your uploaded image will be shown on a new page, now you can click on the image to select the range to crop
  3. Now click the Crop Image button
  4. Your cropped image will be ready to download

What is crop an image?

Cropping is the process of extracting a portion of an image in order to improve framing, emphasize a subject, or change the aspect ratio. This kind of photo editing allows you to keep all of the elements you want while removing those you don't.

Cropping can also help to reframe your subject of photo or attract the viewer's attention to a specific part of your photo for greater impact. To understand cropping, you must first understand two key terms: aspect ratio and pixels. An image's aspect ratio is the ratio of its width to its height. It’s represented by two numbers separated by a colon, such as 16:9, or sixteen-to-nine.

Pixels, on the other hand, are the little squares of color that form your image. Every digital photo is made up of a grid of horizontal and vertical pixels that work together to present your image. When you crop an image online, you reduce the number of pixels by cutting out certain sections of the image, hence lowering the total size of the image.

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Image After Cropping

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Why Use

Cropping images will be used for many bloggers, authors, and content creators for social media posts, social media cover images, and product photos for eCommerce websites. It's a good practice for you should use a good image cropping or photo cropping editor to resize, retouch and crop your photos as you wish.So, your image will be best viewed in the online.

Cropping an image using image crop or photo crop editor can make a big impact on your image. Every photo has a story. Cropping a photo online with can change the overall meaning of the photo. For this reason, the question that should always be considered is whether cropping an image changes the story or does it help reinforce the meaning the image conveys. However, sometimes cropping a photo is essential. No matter how you work with your images, they should be cropped to fit the story or message they tell.

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Cat photo to crop

Cat image to crop

Simple crop image to share with your friends

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