Rotate an Image

Rotate your JPG, PNG, and GIF images to any degree online and download.

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How to rotate an image

  1. Browse your image from your local device
  2. Your uploaded image will be displayed on the page; you can now rotate the image by entering the degree of rotation in the input box or adjusting the slider.
  3. Now click the "Create Rotated Image" button
  4. Your rotated image will be ready to download

What is Rotating an image?

Rotate is a feature that allows you to rotate an image clockwise or anticlockwise. You can rotate images to any degree on When you rotate your images, only the degree of angle at which the image is displayed changes, image pixels will not be changed. If your image is not rotated to the correct vertical or horizontal position, the background color will be filled with a some colour.

Image Before Rotating

Rotate image-1

Image After Rotating to 90 degree

Rotate image-2

Which Images need Rotation?

Rotating images that are taken with digital cameras will be used for photo framing, social media posts, social media cover images, and product photos for eCommerce websites, among other things.

Use this simple rotate image feature for your image to rotate to the given degree, to share with your friends via Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and LinkedIn. ResizeImagepixel rotates your photos without reducing your photo quality. We provide a highly scalable service for image rotating.